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About WNF

The World Naturopathic Federation represents over 50 naturopathic organizations from seven world regions. Our role is to promote and advance the naturopathic profession.

The World Naturopathic Federation was established at the International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine in Paris, France in 2014.  The voting members of the World Naturopathic Federation (WNF) are national associations representing naturopaths and naturopathic doctors around the world.

Organizational Structure


The bylaws of the WNF can be viewed in their entirety by clicking here.


Authority for all policy and other major decisions is vested in member associations meeting in Assembly, convened every year.

Executive Committee

The affairs of the WNF are directed by an Executive Committee elected for a term of three years with representation from the seven world regions – Africa, Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Pacific. The Council meets at quarterly.


Daily operations are managed by Officers consisting of four members elected by the Executive Committee and the Secretary-General, who manages the office or secretariat located in Toronto, Canada. The Officers meet quarterly by teleconference.

General Assembly

Held every other year, the General Assembly, comprises a business meeting of members hosted by a member conference or other naturopathic conference. Past meetings have been in Paris (2014), Calgary (2015), and the Phoenix, Arizona, USA (2017). In 2019 the General Assembly will be held in Australia.

Founding Members of the WNF

The following are the founding members of the WNF:

  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)
  • Associaçăo Portuguesa de Naturopatia (APNA)
  • Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC)
  • Australian Naturopathic Federation (ANF)
  • Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA)
  • Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists (ARONAH)
  • Asociación Naturista de Buenos Aires (ANBA)
  • Bastyr University (Bastyr)
  • Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND)
  • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM)
  • Collège Européen de Naturopathie Traditionnele Holistique (CENATHO)
  • Complementary Medicine Association (CMA)
  • Congo Naturopathic Physicians Associaiton (CNPA)
  • David Lescheid (Germany)
  • Endeavour College of Natural Health
  • Egyptian Naturopathic Association (ENA)
  • Fédération Française des Ecoles de Naturopathie Le Référence Qualité (FENAHMAN)
  • Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine (FNM)
  • General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN)
  • Institut Européen d’Etudes et de Recherches sur les Thérapies Holistiques (IEERT)
  • Institut Supérieur de Naturopathie Traditionnelle (ISNAT asbl)
  • Integrated Association of Naturopaths of Hong Kong (IANHK)
  • International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine (ICNM)
  • Intitut Superieur de Naturopathie Traditionnelle (ISNA asbl)
  • Iva Lloyd (Canada)
  • Jon Wardle (Australia)
  • Manitoba Naturopathic Association (MNA)
  • Michael Cronin (USA)
  • Naturopathic Doctors International (NDI)
  • Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA)
  • Nepal Yoga and Nature Cure Association (NYNCA)
  • New Zealand Naturopathic Federation (NZNF)
  • Organizacion Colegial Naturopathica (FENACO)
  • Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education (OMNES)
  • Saudi Arabia Association of Naturopathic Doctors (SAAND)
  • Tabatha Parker (USA)
  • Tina Hausser (Spain)
  • Union des Naturopaths de Belgique
  • Wellpark College of Natural Therapies