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The World Naturopathic Federation currently has funds that support four different areas of naturopathic development and aid. Please choose the fund by clicking on the donate button. This will open the donation form. Enter the amount of your donation on the form.

  • Research Fund: The WNF has a number of research projects outlined to substantiate the body of research that supports naturopathic practice.
  • Global Standards Fund: The WNF is working towards official collaboration status with the World Health Organization. The WNF requires about $200,000 USD to help fund WNF-WHO projects.
  • Humanitarian Crisis Fund: Please help the WNF support naturopaths and naturopathic organizations affected by natural disasters or political unrest.
  • International Development Fund: The WNF is looking for financial assistance to assist naturopathic organizations and naturopathic educational institutions is building a stronger naturopathic profession

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