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Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

The key project for the WNF Research Committee over the last few years has been preparing a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) on the naturopathic profession. 

A HTA is the gold standard for evaluating the safety, effectiveness, cost and practice of a profession.

To support the HTA, the WNF Research Committee has undertaken a number of supportive research projects all aimed at better understanding naturopathic profession internationally.

Here is a list of the supportive projects:

  • The 2nd project focused on analyzing the research conducted by naturopathic researchers  and revealed that the naturopathic profession is actively engaged in research.  Here is a link to the report.
  • The 4th project involved having naturopathic researchers and practitioners assist in writing the HTA.  The contributors to the HTA are as follows:
    • HTA Leads: Iva Lloyd, Amie Steel, Jon Wardle
    • HTA Administrative support: Danielle Brown, Dave Deeley
    • HTA Design and Production: Katherine Pomykacz
    • HTA section writers:

Hayleigh Asi (USA)
Monique Aucoin (Canada)
Ryan Bradley (USA)
Abed Burgos (Chile)
Nini Callan (USA)
Jenny Care (Australia)
Kieran Colley (Canada)
Holger Cramer (Germany)
Sharon Erdrich (Australia)
Hope Foley (Australia)
Sophia Gerontakos (Australia)
Tom Greenfield (United Kingdom)
Kim Graham (Australia)
Nicole Hannan (Australia)
Joanna Harnett (Australia)
Tina Hausser (Spain)
Robert Kachko (USA)
Deborah Kennedy (Canada)
David Lescheid (Germany)

Brenda Leung (Canada)
NK Manjunath (India)
Andy McLintock (Australia)
Tanya Morris (Australia)
Stephen Myers (Australia)
Jason Rainforest (Australia)
Rebecca Redmond (Australia)
Daniella Remy (Canada)
Paul Saunders (Canada)
Jerome Sarris (Australia)
Janet Schloss (Australia)
Dugald Seeley (Canada)
Catherine Smith (Australia)
Brice Thompson (USA)
Adena Tuson-Turner (USA)
Andrew Vargo (USA)
Naveen Visweswaraiah (India)
Eric Yarnell (USA)

  • Prior to its publication, the HTA will be reviewed by three groups:
    1) naturopathic researchers,
    2) representatives of naturopathic federations/organizations, and
    3) members from naturopathic educational institutions.
  • We expect that the HTA will be published in the second half of 2021.