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Membership helps support the Mission Statement of the World Naturopathic Federation


All members of the WNF must agree to the current WNF Mission statement and must support educational standards, regulation and have a commitment to naturopathic professionalism.  Membership in the WNF helps to support the mission statement of the world naturopathic federation, which is:

  • Supporting the growth and diversity of naturopathic medicine worldwide
  • Supporting the appropriate regulation and recognition of naturopathic medicine
  • Promoting accreditation and the highest educational standards for our global profession
  • Encouraging naturopathic research
  • Establishing and maintaining a database of Naturopathic organisations, regulation, accreditation, conferences and research activities.
  • Working with world agencies (World Health Organisation, United Nations, UNESCO) and national governments and supra-national agencies in order to promote naturopathic medicine and the naturopathic profession.

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