The WNF provides a Unified Voice for Naturopathy


New members:

Admission of new members to the WNF shall be the decision of the general assembly of voting members. Under the WNF’s Bylaws applications for membership may be given interim approval by the WFN Interim Committee, but must be ratified by the WNF Membership in Assembly.

Termination of members:

Termination of members shall be decided on the same basis as admission of new members.

Initial membership:

The initial membership fee will be effective until june 30th 2016. That is, for those members that join in January of 2015 their annual dues, for the first year, will cover them for 18 months

Full member additional notes:

the goal of the WNF is to create a federation that represents the interests of naturopaths, naturopathic doctors (or equivalent). We recognize that in some countries the national naturopathic associations also include other health practitioners. If more than one national organization exists with equivalent educational standards, and one of those organizations has naturopaths/naturopathic doctors exclusively as part of their membership we would generally select the national organization that work with the largest percentage of naturopaths/naturopathic doctors as part of the WNF.