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The WNF provides a Unified Voice for Naturopathy

Projects and Committees

The World Naturopathic Committees consist of the following committees:

  • Global Affiliation, Chair Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada)
  • Naturopathic Education Committee, Chair Tom Greenfield, ND
  • Naturopathic Roots Committee, Chair Tina Hausser, Heilpraktiker, Naturopath (Spain)
  • Professional Mapping Committee, Chair Jill Dunn, Naturopath (New Zealand)
  • Professional Formation Committee, Chair Dr. Lawrence Chanza, ND (Zambia)
  • Research Working Group, Chair Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada)
  • WNF Membership Committee, Chair Tina Hausser, Heilpraktiker, Naturopath (Spain)
  • European Support Group, Chair Barbara Boutry, Naturopath (France)
  • Western Pacific Support Group, Chair Natalie Cook, Naturopath (Australia)
  • African Support Group, Chair, Dr. Lawrence Chanza, ND (Zambia)
  • Latin America Support Group, Chair Dr Claudio Esteve (Argentina)

Past Projects / Publications