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Check out the Advances in Integrative Medicine journal that is dedicated to the Rapid Reviews that the naturopathic profession has produced related to the role of natural health products in treating acute respiratory tract infections.


Vitamin C: Schloss J, Lauche R, Harnett J, Hannan N, Brown D, Greenfield T, Steel A. Rapid review of Systematic reviews on the efficacy and safety of Vitamin C in the management of Acute Respiratory Infection and Disease.

Vitamin D: Bradley R, Schloss J, Brown D, Celis D, Finnel J, Hedo R, Honcharov V, Pantuso T, Pena H, Lauche R, Steel A. The effects of Vitamin D on acute viral respiratory infections: a rapid review.

Echinacea: Aucoin M, Cooley K, Saunders PR, Carè J, Anheye D, Medina DN, Cardozo V, Remy D, Hannan N, Garber A. The effect of Echinacea spp. on the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 and other respiratory tract infections in humans: a rapid review.


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