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WNF Naturopathic Roots Committee

Naturopathic Roots Committee 

The Naturopathic Roots Committee was founded in 2015 to identify the foundational basis of naturopathic profession around the globe. With the 2016 Survey to naturopathic educational institutes and the results in the Naturopathic Roots Report 2016, global naturopathic roots and educational basis have been identified.

The White Paper on Naturopathic Philosophies, Principles and Theories was published in September 2017. This document provides the international naturopathic community detailed information on the naturopathic roots.

The goal of the committee is to clarify the core concepts that compose the foundational basis of naturopathic education and practice. The next project for the Naturopathic Roots Committee is about naturopathic terminology. Our goal is to identify and define key naturopathic terms, such as terrain, emunctories, functional imbalances, therapeutic hierarchy etc.

Committee members:

  • Chair: Tina Hausser, Heilpraktiker, Naturopath (Spain)
  • Dr. Iva Lloyd, Naturopathic Doctor (ND) (Canada)
  • Dr. JoAnn Y√°nez, ND, MPH, CAE (United States)
  • Phillip Cottingham, Naturopath (New Zealand)
  • Roger Newman Turner, Naturopath (United Kingdom)
  • Alfredo Abascal, Naturopath (Uruguay)