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The efficacy of Naturopathy has survived the test of time


Research is an essential aspect of any system of medicine. Research on naturopathy / naturopathic medicine is supported by a number of naturopathic research institutes and peer-reviewed journals.

Health Technology Assessment – Naturopathy

In 2020 – 2021, the WNF will prepare a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for the Naturopathic profession. This document will be a 350-page research-based book and is what the WHO and other government organizations use to compare one profession to another. It will outline the education, regulation, philosophy, effectiveness, safety and role of the naturopathic profession in the global health-care system.

Naturopathic Research Resources

Naturopathic practice is backed by a significant degree of research. The challenge in consolidating this research is due to the diversity of the research itself, the breadth of naturopathic modalities and the environmental and external focuses that are used in naturopathic practice.

The following is a list of databases and journals used that provide the research that supports naturopathic practice.

General Databases for Traditional and Complementary Medicine Research

Research Databases / Journals that Support Common Naturopathic Modalities

There are seven key modalities that are common to naturopathic practice globally. Below are databases that provide research support.

Clinical Nutrition

Botanical Medicine

Lifestyle Recommendations

Hydrotherapy Research

Acupuncture Research

Homeopathy Research

Other Naturopathic Resources

Research Databases on Advanced Naturopathic Modalities

Intravenous Therapy

Research Databases Based on Causal Factors

Environmental Toxins