To become a full member of the World Naturopathic Federation an association must meet the following criteria:

  • Legally constituted national naturopathic association or federation.
  • Voting members of the national naturopathic association must be limited to primarily naturopaths, naturopathic doctors or their equivalent (at least 60%).
  • National naturopathic association must recommend the highest naturopathic educational standards available in their country. Note: Based on the World Health Organization (WHO) benchmark guidelines only national naturopathic associations that ensure that all members graduated from a minimum 1500 hour (or equivalent) naturopathic program are eligible for full membership. The organizations must also:
    • have, as part of their membership criteria, a way of verifying the level of education of their members and graduation status.
    • represent a significant percentage (at least 20%) of naturopaths, naturopathic doctors or their equivalent in their country.
  • National naturopathic association must not be subject to, or controlled by, any office or age, of government
  • It is strongly recommended that there is only one national naturopathic association or federation per country represented as a full member of the WNF.

Full member organizations must:

  • have a commitment to levels of training commensurate with delivery of primary care services in their country
  • have a commitment to achieving statutory licensure or regulation in their country to ensure appropriate levels of accountability and SECRETARIAT standards in their respective country
  • have a commitment to other principles around professionalization as outlined in the World Health Organization’s Traditional Medicine Strategy.

Voting for national naturopathic associations:

  • Each national naturopathic association will have equal voting rights.
  • There will be one vote per country. If it is decided that there will be two (or more) national naturopathic associations for a specific country the countries will jointly have one vote, which they lose in case of disagreement between them.

Cost of membership for Full members:

  • The annual fee for full membership is USD$120 (if the number of naturopaths is 40 or less) or alternatively USD$3 per member to a maximum of USD$5000.
  • When calculating the number of members, only voting members are to be included.
  • Once your application has been approved you will be sent the payment options. Thank you.

Benefits of Full members:

  • Only voting member of the WNF
  • Opportunity to sit on the Executive Council of the WNF and to take part in board meetings.
  • Opportunity to attend bi-annual WNF General Assemblies and to participate in WNF planning sessions.
  • Opportunity to Chair and/or participate in WNF committees.
  • Regular WNF updates on WNF activities and naturopathic opportunities globally.
  • Ability to have naturopathic conferences (that are open to the greater naturopathic community) posted on the WNF website.
  • Ability to provide feedback on WNF policies and position papers.
  • Supporting the growth and development of the naturopathic profession globally.
  • Opportunity for international collaboration with other naturopathic organizations.

The current Full WNF Members include: