Thank you to our 100+ volunteers.

The WNF is a volunteer driven organization. From our Board to the committees, over 100 volunteers have donated their time and expertise to furthering the advancement of the global naturopathic profession. This past year in particular, despite the chaos, the WNF accomplished so much with the aide of our volunteers. Thank you all very much! If we overlooked your name please help us keep this page up-to-date by sending an email to

OfficersHTARapid Reviews
Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada), ChairChairs: Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada),
Dr. Amie Steel, ND (Australia),
Dr. Jon Wardle, Naturopath (Australia)
Research Leads: Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada),
Dr. Amie Steel, ND (Australia),
Dr. Jon Wardle, Naturopath (Australia)
Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain), 1st Vice PresidentAndrew Vargo, MD (Canada)A/Professor Dominik Mertz (Canada)
David Casteleijn, Naturopath, co-2nd Vice PresidentDr. Brenda Leung, ND (Canada)A/Professor Jennifer Hunter (Australia)
Dr. Tobey-Ann Pinder, co-2nd Vice PresidentDr. David Lescheid, ND (Germany)Daen N. Medina, ND (Australia)
Dr. Stephen Farrugia, TreasurerDr. Deborah Kennedy, ND (Canada)Danielle Brown, BSc, BHSc (Australia)
Dr. Fernando Hellmann (Brazil), SecretaryDugald Seely, ND (Canada)David Casteleijn (Australia)
Lawrence Chanza, 2nd VP (term ended April 2020)Eric M. Blake, ND (USA)Dennis Anheyer, B.Sc., M.A. (Germany)
Jorge Neira Bravo, Treasurer (term ended April 2020)Dr. Holger Cramer (Germany)Dr. A.M. Chandrasekaran, BNYS, MPH (India)
Hope Foley (Australia)Dr. Carlos Neyre Abad (Peru)
ExecutivesDr. Janet Schloss (Australia)Dr. David Lescheid, ND (Germany)
Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada), ChairProfessor Jerome Sarris (Australia)Dr. Guoyan (Emily) Yang (Australia)
David Casteleijn (Australia)Jill Dunn (New Zealand)Dr. Holger Cramer (Germany)
Dr. Tobey-Ann Pinder (Australia)Dr. Joanna Harnett (Australia)Dr. Janet Schloss (med) (Australia)
Dr. Fernando Hellmann (Brazil)Dr. Kieran Cooley, ND (Canada)Dr. Joanna Harnett (Australia)
Ysu Umbalo (DR Congo)Dr. Monique Aucoin, ND (Canada)Dr. Joshua Goldenberg (USA)
Benita Perch (Hong Kong)Dr. Manjunath (India)Dr. Kieran Cooley, ND (Canada)
Dr. Dhananjay Arankale (India)Dr. Paul Saunders, ND (Canada)Dr. Melissa A. Murphy (USA)
Blanca Morgando (Mexico)Dr. Ryan Bradley, ND (USA)Dr. Monique Aucoin, ND (Canada)
Noémia Rodrigues (Portugal)Sharon Erdich (New Zealand)Dr. Naresh Kumar, BNYS, MPH (India)
Erika Brajnik (Slovenia)Sophia Gerontakos, Naturopath (Australia)Dr. Paul Saunders, ND (Canada)
Stephen Farrugia (South Africa)Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain)Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, ND (Canada)
Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain)Tom Greenfield, ND, DO (United Kingdom)Dr. Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc (USA)
Fabrice Leu (Switzerland)Nicole Hannan, BSc, BHSc (Australia)Dr. Raghavendrasamy, BNYS (India)
Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, ND (USA)Eric Yarnell, ND (USA)Dr. Romy Lauche, BSc & MSc (Australia)
Dr. Jon Wardle, Naturopath (Australia), SecretariatDr. John Finnel (USA)Dr. Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH (USA)
Jill Dunn (New Zealand) (term ended April 2020)Hayleigh Ast, ND (USA)Dr. Sebastian Prall, Naturopath (Spain)
Jorge Neira Bravo (Chile) (term ended April 2020)Robert Kachko, ND (USA)Dr. Susan Arentz (Australia)
Lawrence Chanza (Zambia) (term ended April 2020)Dr. Elise Panza, ND (USA)Dr. Tobey-Ann Pinder BSc, ND, JD, MNHAA (Australia)
Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder AO (Australia)
Environmental HealthEducationalFraser Smith, ND (USA)
Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, ND (USA), ChairCo-Chairs: Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada), Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain)Gregory Cramer, DC (USA)
Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada)Arianna Staruch, ND, Bastyr University (USA)Jamine Blesoff, ND (USA)
Catherine Browne, (Australia)David Casteleijn (Australia)Jennifer Carè (Australia)
Charity Thiessen ND (Canada)Dr. Amie Steel, ND (Australia)Jocelyn Faydenko, ND (USA)
Dr. Daria Love (Canada)Dr. Andrea Bugarcic, Southern Cross University (Australia)Jose Chafloque, Ba. Biology, Microbiology and Parasitology (Peru)
Dr. David Lescheid, ND (Germany)Dr. Jon Wardle, Naturopath (Australia)Josh Henkin, Pharmacognosy-Ethnobotany (USA)
Dr. Erica McIntyre (Australia)Dr. Jessica Mitchell, SCNM (USA)Kathleen M. Bennett, B.A. Sociology, B.A. PSychobiology, M.Sc. (Australia)
Dr. Melisa Rangitakatu (Australia)Elizabeth MacGregor, Nathuropath, Endeavour (Australia)Kerrie Oakes, Herbalist (Australia)
Dr. Robyn Langenhoven (South Africa)Erika Brajnik, Naturopatska Sola SAEKA (Slovenia)Larisa Barnes, B.A., B.Nat.(Hons) (Australia)
Dr. Saimah Khan, ND (Canada)Isabel Yost, Escuela de Naturopatía del Uruguay (Uruguay)Matthew Leach, RN, BN, BN(Hons), ND (Australia)
Dr. Stephanie Berg (USA)Kate Boesenberg, Škola Klinické Naturopatie (Czech Republic)Nicole Hannan, BSc, BHSc (Australia)
Dr. Dwan Vilcins (Australia)Laura Malonne, l’union des naturopathes de BelgiqueProfessor Stephen Myers, ND, BMed (Australia)
Fabienne Farré, Naturopathe (France)Mark Payne, Endeavour (Australia)Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain)
Flavia Placeres, Naturóloga (Brazil)Myriam Francotte (ISNAT) (Belgium)Tom Greenfield, ND, DO (United Kingdom)
Liz McNamara, Naturopath (NZ)Natalie Cook, Naturopath (Australia)
Merciful Ananda, NUNM student, (USA)Nick deGroot, CCNM (Canada)
Pedi Mirdamadi, ND (USA)Silvia Polesello, Nemi Institute (Italy)
Sarah Brenchley, Naturopath (NZ)
Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada), ChairDr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada), ChairTina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain), Chair
Dr. Adele Pelteret (South Africa)Dr. Dhananjay Arankale (India)Aliyyaa Spring-Charles, ND (UK)
Dr. Jillian Stansbury (USA)Dr. Abena Tuson-Turner (USA)Blanca Morgado, Naturopatía (Mexico)
Dr. Kimberley Ramberan, ND (Canada)Dr. Amie Steel, ND (Australia)Dr. Iva Lloyd (Canada)
Dr. Paul Saunders, ND (Canada)Dr. David Lescheid, ND (Germany)Dr. Shavit Sachs (South Africa)
Dr. Rahim Moledina, ND (Canada)Dr. Jon Wardle, Naturopath (Australia)Erika Brajnik, Naturopath (Slovenia)
Dr. Luisa Nuernberg Losso, Naturopath (Brazil)Dr. Melissa A. Murphy (USA)Flavia Banchieri, Naturopath (Uruguay)
Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, ND (USA)Dr. Paul Saunders, ND (Canada)Griffin McMath, ND (USA)
Erika Brajnik, Naturopath (Slovenia)Dr. Ryan Bradley, ND (USA)Natalie Cook, Naturopath (Australia)
Poorna Menon, Bastyr Student (USA)Dr. Terri Bugg, ND (Canada)Shawn O’Reilly (Canada)
Sarah Brenchley, Naturopath (New Zealand)Dr. Kieran Cooley, ND (Canada)
Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain)Professional Mapping
Joanne Matthews, Antimicrobial Resistance Alliance (Australia)MembershipJill Dunn (New Zealand), Chair
Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain), ChairDominick Léaud-Zachoval, Naturopathe (France)
Survey on Naturopathic JournalsBenita Perch, Western Pacific Support Group ChairDr. Amie Steel, ND (Australia)
Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada), ChairDr. Dhananjay Arankale (India), India RepresentativeDr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada)
Nicole Hannan, BSc, BHSc (Australia)Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada)Dr. Jon Wardle, Naturopath (Australia)
Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain)Erika Brajnik, European Support Group ChairNick deGroot, ND (Canada)
Dr. Fernando Hellmann (Brazil), WNF Executive, Latin AmericaProf. Dr. Karki (Nepal)
WebsiteDr. Ysu Umbalo, WNF Executive, AfricaTina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain)
Karla Rawles, Naturopath (Australia)