In 2018 and 2019, the WNF AMR committee established a tremendous resource on the natural health products that have been researched with respect to acute digestive, urinary, respiratory and skin infections. The WNF AMR website also outlines research by pathogen.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified AMR as one of the top ten threats to global public health and has indicated the need for urgent multi-sectoral action to address the tremendous threat to health due to AMR. It is essential that the naturopathic community is part of this important conversation and hence the WNF AMR Committee is being reactivated (2023) to update the website with the current research and to prepare a White Paper on AMR.

Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) Committee Members

Caio Fábio Portella, Naturopath, ABRANA (Brazil), Chair
Hayleigh K. Ast, N.D., AANP (USA)
Ian Breakspear, Naturopath, Torrens U (Australia)
Dr. Jacqueline Cooper, ND (non-clinical), Atrium Innovations, CAND (Canada)
Cathrina Geldard, PhD student/staff, SCU (Australia)
Pilar Giraldo, Naturopath, ABRANA (Brazil)
Tina Hausser, Heilpraktiker, Naturopath, OCN FENACO (Spain)
Dr. Adele Pelteret, ND, SANA (South Africa)
Elena Portillo, Naturopath, OCN Fenaco (Spain)