The Environmental Health Committee will provide research-based information to the international community, including healthcare providers, about the impact of environmental pollutants on the health of the planet and its inhabitants, with emphasis on proactive and preventive measures for their protection and preservation. This will include the effects of nutrients, stress, lifestyle choices, infections, the microbiome and EMF’s as determinants of health, wellness and disease.

Committee members

Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, ND (USA), Chair
Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada)
Catherine Browne, (Australia)
Charity Thiessen ND (Canada)
Dr. Daria Love (Canada)
Dr. David Lescheid, ND (Germany)
Dr. Erica McIntyre (Australia)
Dr. Melisa Rangitakatu (Australia)
Dr. Robyn Langenhoven (South Africa)
Dr. Saimah Khan, ND (Canada)
Dr. Stephanie Berg (USA)
Dr. Dwan Vilcins (Australia)
Fabienne Farré, Naturopathe (France)
Flavia Placeres, Naturóloga (Brazil)
Liz McNamara, Naturopath (NZ)
Merciful Ananda, NUNM student, (USA)
Pedi Mirdamadi, ND (USA)
Sarah Brenchley, Naturopath (NZ)