The goal of this living map of evidence is to act as a resource, attesting to the abundance and nature of the published peer-reviewed evidence being synthesized on natural health products (NHPs) for management and/or treatment of Post-COVID symptoms in the form of research reports that have used a systematic (and reproducible) strategy.

Statistical Overview – as of April 2023

Number of systematic reviews investigating the use of natural health products for Post-COVID Symptoms: 11

Number of studies included in those reports: 164*

Number of participants included: 12,562*

*Note: numbers were not included in a number of the papers.

Exercise – 3
Acupuncture – 2
Glycyrrhiza – 2
Alpha-Lipoic acid – 1
Zinc – 1
Vitamin A – 1
Gingko biloba – 1
Pulmonary Rehabilitation – 1
Boswellia – 1