The Naturopathic Education Committee was founded in 2017 to support and promote global naturopathic education. This will be building on the work of the WNF Naturopathic Roots Committee, which initiated major advances in the understanding of naturopathic education worldwide:

  1. Identified the global educational basis for naturopathy with a survey to naturopathic educational institutions.
  2. Published the results in the Naturopathic Roots Report 2016.
  3. Published the White Paper on Naturopathic Philosophies, Principles and Theories in September 2017. This document provides the international naturopathic community detailed information on the naturopathic roots.

The goal of the Education Committee is to act as a platform that will enable naturopathic schools worldwide to share information, and to allow the WNF to collect and collate data on naturopathic institutional programmes in each country. The Committee may also establish other objectives that would be of benefit to WNF Educational Members and to the wider membership.

Committee members

Co-Chairs: Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND (Canada), Tina Hausser, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker (Spain)
Arianna Staruch, ND, Bastyr University (USA)
David Casteleijn (Australia)
Dr. Amie Steel, ND (Australia)
Dr. Andrea Bugarcic, Southern Cross University (Australia)
Dr. Jon Wardle, Naturopath (Australia)
Dr. Jessica Mitchell, SCNM (USA)
Elizabeth MacGregor, Nathuropath, Endeavour (Australia)
Erika Brajnik, Naturopatska Sola SAEKA (Slovenia)
Isabel Yost, Escuela de Naturopatía del Uruguay (Uruguay)
Kate Boesenberg, Škola Klinické Naturopatie (Czech Republic)
Laura Malonne, l’union des naturopathes de Belgique
Mark Payne, Endeavour (Australia)
Myriam Francotte (ISNAT) (Belgium)
Natalie Cook, Naturopath (Australia)
Nick deGroot, CCNM (Canada)
Silvia Polesello, Nemi Institute (Italy)

The committee currently comprises all WNF educational members, however as these grow in number the committee will appoint representatives from each WNF region. Following the initial meeting on November 30, 2017 the Educational Committee has started to set up an area within the WNF website with downloadable resources for WNF educational members, and will start work on setting up a digital library of naturopathic educational material.