The membership committee is mandated to check all incoming applications of potential members and to present them in the executive meetings for approval. The members of this committee help with detailed information about naturopathic associations, educational institutes and other naturopathic organizations in their world regions to identify potential members.

The goal is to support membership growth in WNF and to check the criteria for membership for all new members.

Inquiries from all naturopathic institutions on and about membership in WNF can be sent to:

Committee Members

Chair – Tina Hausser, 1st Vice President WNF
Benita Perch, WP Support Group Chair
Iva Lloyd, President, WNF
Erika Brajnik, Eurpoean Support Grp Chair
Fernando Hellmann, WNF Executive, Latin America
Ysu Umbalo, WNF Executive, Africa
Suhas Vinchurka, India Representative