Naturopathic Roots Committee

The Naturopathic Roots Committee was founded in 2015 to identify the foundational basis and traditional knowledge that underpins naturopathic practice around the globe. The committee has published several reports since then. The current project is compiling the Global Naturopathic History.

Committee members:

  • Chair: Tina Hausser, Heilpraktiker, Naturopath, OCN FENACO (Spain)
  • Daniel Kieffer, Naturopath, CENATHO (France)
  • Dominick Léaud Zachoval, Naturopath, AESCULAPE (France)
  • Dr. Greg Conolly, ND, PhD, TORRENS UNIVERSITY (Australia)
  • Isabel Yost, Naturópata, Escuela de Naturopatía del Uruguay y ANTHU (Uruguay)
  • Dr. Mitch Stargrove, ND, AANP (USA)
  • Rebecca Redmond, Naturopath, Southern Cross University (Australia)
  • Dr. Wendy Ericksen-Pereira, PhD, University of the Western Cape (South Africa)
  • Ex Officio – WNF CEO – Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND, CAND (Canada)