Co-Chairs: Dr. Renée Purdy, ND, CAND (Canada) & Associate Professor Dr. Amie Steel, PhD, ND, UTS (Australia)

The focus of the WNF Research Working Group is to support the codifying and synthesizing of existing knowledge, the generation of new knowledge and the dissemination of this knowledge to the wider clinical and research committee.  The naturopathic profession is a leader in research supporting Traditional and Complementary Medicine practice and has been active in developing research capacity in other health and medical areas beyond naturopathy / naturopathic medicine.

Building global research capacity within and in support of the naturopathic profession is being accomplished by:

  • A WNF research advocate sub-committee was initiated in 2024 with representatives from WNF members. The advocates meet to discuss challenges and strategies to build awareness of naturopathic research in their regions.
  • Creating guidelines for naturopathic research curricula.
  • Supporting collaboration in research within the naturopathic profession globally and with other researchers.

Members of the Naturopathic Research Committee:

Co-Chairs, Dr. Renée Purdy, ND, CAND (Canada) & Associate Professor Dr. Amie Steel, PhD, ND, UTS (Australia)
Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH, NUNM (USA)
Dr. Kieran Cooley, ND (non-clinical), CCNM (Canada)
Dr. Alioune Diaw, ND, Vitalopathie (France)
Anne Gimalac, Navi (Switzerland)
Dr. Melissa A Murphy, PhD, Bastyr University (USA)
Dr. Paul Saunders, Phd, ND, CCNM (Canada)
Dr. Madeleine Tuson-Turner, ND, NUNM (USA)
Suhas Vinchurkar, B.N.Y.S., Ph.D., INYGMA (India)
Dr. Jon Wardle, ND, PhD, UTS (Australia)
Ex Officio – WNF CEO – Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND, CAND (Canada)

Research Advocates

Dr. Monique Aucoin, ND, MSc, CCNM (Canada)
Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH, NUNM (USA)
Ian Breakspear, Herbalist, Naturopth, NHAA (Australia)
Dr. Greg Conolly, ND, PhD, TORRENS UNIVERSITY (Australia)
Greg Fredericks, Naturopath, BA, MA, ND, NMD, CMA (Australia)
Dr. Joanna Harnett, PhD, MHSc, BHSc, University of Sydney (Australia)
Benedicte Jerebzoff, Naturopath, UNB (Belgium)
Cécile Konn, Naturopathe Heilpraktiker, OMNES (France)
Skye Macfarlane, Herbalist, Naturopath, MNMHNZ (New Zealand)
Prof. Nyarkotey Obu, MBA, Ph.D-Nat, Th.D, Ph.D-A.M, Nyarkotey University College (Ghana)
Dr. Daniella Remy, ND, OAND (Canada)
Claudine Van De Venter, Epidemiologist, ND, SANA (South Africa)
Lillian Wong, Naturopath, FNM (Denmark)