WNF Supporters have goals and objectives that are consistent with those of the WNF.  WNF supporters pay dues but cannot vote. They can general assemblies and special meetings as observers and have access to all materials and information the WNF may provide to its members. WNF supporters cannot participate in WNF working groups unless they have a specific area of expertise with respect to the working group activities.

WNF supporters have no influence on the decisions, initiatives or direction of the WNF. Their support is solely based on supporting the goals as defined by WNF members and we welcome their support.

Click here for a list of WNF Supporters:

The annual fee for WNF Supporters is based on:

  • USD$5,000 plus
  • USD$1,000
  • USD$500
  • USD$100
  • USD$50
  • USD$25

Benefits of WNF Supporters:

  • Opportunity to attend bi-annual WNF General Assemblies.
  • Regular WNF updates on WNF activities and naturopathic opportunities globally.
  • Ability to have naturopathic conferences (that are open to the greater naturopathic community) posted on the WNF website.
  • Supporting the growth and development of the naturopathic profession globally.
  • Opportunity for international collaboration with other naturopathic organizations and to participate in WNF planning sessions.