The World Naturopathic Federation welcomes individuals, naturopaths, naturopathic doctors and naturopathic clinics that support the Mission of the WNF. Organizations with a consumer interest (i.e., selling products) must apply as a Corporate Sponsor and meet the Corporate Sponsorship criteria. Educational institutions must apply as an Educational Member and meet the Educational Membership criteria. WNF supporters have no influence on the decisions, initiatives or direction of the WNF. Their support is solely based on supporting the goals as defined by WNF members and we welcome their support.

Supporter Levels:

  • USD$1,000 plus
  • USD$500
  • USD$100
  • USD$50
  • USD$25

Thank you for your gift.

Dr. Iva Lloyd ND

Dave Deeley

Adrienne Deeley

Giusto Luca Palma Maggiore

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