Non-profit groups may apply to be non-profit sponsors of the WNF. Non-profit sponsors with goals and objectives that are consistent with those of the WNF, or are useful to the aims of the WNF, may be granted non-profit sponsorship. Non-profit sponsors pay dues but cannot vote. They can attend meetings as observers and have access to all materials and information the WNF may provide to its members. Non-Profit sponsors cannot participate in WNF working groups unless the Non-Profit sponsor has a specific area of expertise with respect to the working group activities.

The annual fee for Non-Profit Sponsorship is:

  • Platinum: USD$5,000
  • Diamond: USD$2,500
  • Gold: USD$1,000
  • Silver: USD$500
  • Bronze: USD$250

Benefits of Non-Profit WNF Sponsors:

  • Opportunity to attend bi-annual WNF General Assemblies and to participate in WNF planning sessions.
  • Opportunity to participate on WNF committees.
  • Regular WNF updates on WNF activities and naturopathic opportunities globally.
  • Ability to have naturopathic conferences (that are open to the greater naturopathic community) posted on the WNF website.
  • Ability to provide feedback on WNF policies and position papers.
  • Supporting the growth and development of the naturopathic profession globally.
  • Opportunity for international collaboration with other naturopathic organizations.

Thank you to our current Non-Profit Sponsors: