A new WNF committee focusing on Communications has been established to optimize Social Media (SoMe) opportunities/strategies for the organization and its members. Campaigns such as the Antimicrobial Resistance and the new Media Guide (see below) will benefit from the committee’s expertise.

Over the past 4 ½ years, the WNF’s Facebook presence has grown to 4519 subscribers, 4310 followers and 67 pages of WNF members. On Twitter we have 519 followers and we follow 85 WNF members, key individuals and organizations. In the past year, three new FB groups (Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean and Western Pacific) were launched to facilitate communications among members in those regions. If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account that is not yet followed by the WNF please let us know info@worldnaturopathicfederation.org

Chair – Tina Hausser, Spain, OCN FENACO
Selina Martins, Canada, Social Media Coordinator
Cecilia Fontana, Uruguay, ANTHU
Natalie Cook, Australia, NHAA
Shawn O’Reilly, Canada, CAND
Shavit Sachs, South Africa, SANA
Erika Brajnik, Slovenia, SNA
Iva Lloyd, Canada
Griffin McMath, USA, AANP, INM
Aliyyaa Spring-Charles, UK, GRCN