The WNF worked with the global naturopathic community to compile a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) on Naturopathy to provide an evidence-based summary of naturopathic practice and the safety, economics and effectiveness of naturopathic care. The scope of the HTA was informed by research conducted by the international naturopathic community over the last thirty years encompassing over 2000 peer-reviewed scientific articles of which more than 300 clinical studies involving over 100 different health populations are outlined in the HTA.

The HTA is a 754 page book with 41 Chapters titled Naturopathy, practice, effectiveness economics & safety. We would like to thank Naturopaths And Herbalists Association Of Australia (NHAA) for their generous support in helping to fund this project. We would also like to acknowledge the 51 naturopaths/naturopathic doctors who contributed to chapters of this HTA (See Appendix IV) and to those that reviewed sections of the HTA (See Appendix V).

Click for a media release announcing the launch of the HTA: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Slovenian, Italian, French and Norwegian.

A synopsis of the HTA is available in: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Slovenian, Norwegian, and German.

Link to the full PDF: Naturopathy, practice, effectiveness, economics & safety

Below are PDFs of the individual sections of the HTA:

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Aim, Objectives and Methods
Section 1: Foundational Basis of the Naturopathic Profession
Section 2: Naturopathic Professional Formation by WHO Region
Section 3: Practice and Implementation of Naturopathy in Health Care Systems
Section 4: Naturopathic Research
Section 5: Effectiveness of Naturopathic Clinical Practice
Section 6: Research on Naturopathic Therapeutics and Practices
Section 7: Discussion

For additional information about the importance of the HTA for the naturopathic community, click to view a video with the lead authors.

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